Mayor’s Corner


GUINDULMANONS and the rest of the world…

The advent of modern technology has paved the way to the rise of various opportunities and innovations, at home and in the environment.  It’s beautiful. Yet, we need to balance the pros with the cons.  Loved ones miles and oceans apart are now a click away thru social media.  It practically minimizes delays in bureaucratic processes.  BUT the sad truth is  it may drastically replace long-cherished culture and tradition.  The outdoor plays when we were children are seldom seen.  Kids nowadays are obsessed in gadgets  exposing themselves to health risks.  With us unaware?  What else???

Nevertheless, there is no escape to reality.  We have to live the kind of life we have today in the world of modern  information, education and communication facility not compromising values and morals.  I call on everyone who happens to open this page to be responsible in all aspects of human endeavors.  Be globally competitive. Strive for excellence. Rise and shine wherever you are and in whatever state you may be.   Make the most of what Information Technology has to offer.


FINALLY, live a life that pays and BE HAPPY.


At your service,


Municipal Mayor